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Promoting Volunteerism

With globalization come new risks as well as opportunities. It can lead to the marginalization of traditional cultural and social norms and, in the vacuum created, many people feel a loss of control or influence over their lives. This powerlessness can be compounded by development interventions that fail to take account of local knowledge and norms. When outsiders alone seem to possess the wisdom to navigate a route through the new reality, dependency on knowledge, which comes from outside the community, is created. Empowerment begins with a rediscovery that the seeds of a solution lie within. This creates confidence, which, in turn, leads to a recognition that self-help is not only possible but essential. Voluntary action by individuals and groups is therefore an integral part of this learning and awareness process.

The challenge is true for Afghanistan, as the poverty in communities reduced the level of volunteerism and even a volunteer support is provided against a small amount of stipend. A strong movement toward restoring the volunteerism in Afghanistan that was once one of the main pillars of community development.

3SC leads a strong volunteer team of people coming from diverse communities and backgrounds, which makes the leadership of 3SC optimistic regarding sustainability of the movement. We believe on leading by examples, as such creating the culture of volunteerism in our leadership sends a strong message to outside world.

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